Symbaloo is an incredible application that will set you free.  Never again will you have to remember that URL from a website you just can’t live without.  Not only is it beautiful to look at, it is as also practicle and efficient.  There is SymbalooEdu, SymbalooArt, and SymbalooOffice.  For anyone who likes to be organized this is a must download.  The videos above give you all the explanation necessary to get started right away.  If you have a mobile device this free application will make surfing the web a pleasure. For students’ it is a great way to keep any sites used for a research project or web activity in one place.  So sit back, relax, and hold on tight as you fly through the wonderful world-wide web.

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When You Wish For A Great Application You Get Braingenie

The application Braingenie is a great way to access student understanding of concepts in math and science. The site can also be used as a review tool both in class and at home. This comprehensive math and science practice site will help to monitor student mastery and progress over time.  The material covered is directly connected to Common Core Standards allowing you to personalize learning for every student.  As a free site Braingenie is a great way to enrich your curriculum.  The aim is to provide a resource that teachers, students  and parents can count on for additional help.  Students’  learn by watching videos, solving problems and earning badges in what is a fun and effective tool. The site provides detailed reports so that both parent and teacher can monitor student progress.  The video below is an example from the Biology Section.


RunPee A Short Review So You Don’t Have To Hold It

It has nothing to do with education but as a movie buff this application was just too good not to review.  Need to pee during the movie but don’t want to miss an anything?  Want to know if you should stay until the credits are over so you don’t miss extra scenes or outtakes? Running late?  No worries, if you have RunnPee on your smartphone your golden.  The RunPee family (no really app founder Dan with his Mother and Sister) go to see wide release movies on opening day and hold it so you don’t have to.  What they do is look for a 3-5 minute stretch of the movie where you won’t come back and be totally lost.  And if you just can’t stand the though of missing anything they give you a synopsis of what went down while you were in the john.  If you have ever had to hold it during a movie there is nothing worse (other than the talker or phone addict) than not being able to enjoy yourself while concentrating on not having an accident.  Well, that does not ever have to happen again and for this I am thankful.  So go to the movies, relax, enjoy the escape, and don’t miss a thing as long as you have RunPee.

Blurtt A Review – Don’t Keep It To Yourself Blurtt It Out

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If you are looking for a way to express yourself in photos then Blurtt is your application.  An iPhone app that lets you use your own photos or search for others with their search engines Bing and Flckr., Blurtt is fun to use and a great way to spice up a tweet, text, Facebook post, or blog.  Be as creative, witty or profound as your imagination allows by adding text to compliment your photos. Originally a postcard sharing service the company shifted its focus with the advent of Postgram.  In response to the question Why should anyone download this?  co-founder Jeanette Cajide responds “Blurtt will put therapists out of business. Just think of all the crap you can get off your chest in one minute increments. Happy, sad, frustrated, elated.”  So save a co-pay or two.  As a free photo sharing application Blurtt is one of the best.   Go to to find out more and then the App Store to download.

ClassDojo Reviewed – Welcome To My DoJo

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Dojo  ClassDojo is a great management tool that is easy to use, fun to interact with and visually pleasing.  It is a quick and easy way to improve behavior with the added benefit of being able to create both written and visual reports for parents, students, or  your administration.  In the Dojo you can provide instant feedback to students weather they are doing what is expected or what is not.  Unlike a lot of other management tools the ability to provide positive reinforcement in real time is one key to this application.  You can customize your Dojo to meet your specific class needs and run the program on an interactive whiteboard, a computer with projector,  smartphone, tablet or even iPod touch.  All you need is one “computer” and an internet connection.  Students will respond so that they do not bring shame unto your Dojo.  As an added bonus it’s free.

Interesting Applications and Web Sites in Education – An Ongoing Review

popplet – a direct link to the popplet homepage – popplet is a mindmapping website that is a great way to enhance instruction, blogs, or even create an educational app/site review.

voki – Voki is a free site that allows you to create a talking avatar. Easy to use and navigate, voki will allow you to customize your character as well as it’s features (including face and clothing), the background, and your voki’s voice.  It is a creative way to introduce a lesson, add some flavor to your blog/webpage or tell a story.  Your voice can be added via telephone, text to speech, microphone, or uploaded in a file.  There is a direct link to share your creation with many sites including wordpress, twitter, and facebook to name a few.  There is also a lesson plan database for educators to share how they use voki in the classroom.  You may also start a voki classroom account to manage your students’ work. You are limited to the time that your voki can speak so choose your words carefully.

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