APPS & B.Y.O.D. in Education

Connecting Apps & Education
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The infographics in this post provide an insight into both the use of APP’s in Education and the BYOD concept.  As an educator who has implemented these tools into my class I find that resources like these provide a nice overview.  With more and more students having access to mobile devices it has become easier to integrate these technologies in a manner that enhances the learning experience.  It is important to remember that while popular not everyone has the means to own a smartphone, tablet etc.  I always make sure to point out that having a mobile device is not mandatory and that all students have access to technology be it via a classroom PC or by sharing with a classmate.  Like anything else you must have a policy that lays out the ground rules and  have attached a copy of the one that I am currently using (BYOT). Bringing your classroom into the 21st century is exciting and well worth the effort so relax and enjoy.

Going BYOD
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