Starting On A New Journey

Sunset Over Lake in Palm Beach County Florida

Sunset Over Lake in Palm Beach County Florida (Photo credit: Captain Kimo)

A lot of professionals let their personal identity be defined by the profession that they are in, but what happens when that is suddenly taken away and you must redefine yourself and start anew.  Deciding what to venture into next can be a daunting task if gone about half  hazard so looking at what your passions are is a good place to start.  This combined with the knowledge and skills gained in your first career can lead to a very fulfilling new lease on your professional and personal life.

Speaking from experience I can tell you how one can go about this transition.  First let me give you a little information on myself and the circumstances surrounding my career change.  Since going to the eye doctor in sixth grade I can remember always wanting to be a physician.  After entering a pre-med program in undergraduate school I knew that I wanted to be a primary care physician who was able to spend the time necessary to treat patients on a more personal level.  I was intrigued by the Chiropractic profession and the ability of the physician to help facilitate the body’s ability to heal itself.  I decided that this hands on approach would benefit not only my patients but fill a passion to help others.  I graduated in 1989 and practiced until I had an accident in 2001 that prevented me from being able to physically perform to the best of my ability.  Instead of carrying on and treating patients at less than 100% I decided to move forward and find a profession that would allow me to thrive both professionally and personally.

I had planned on entering the teaching profession at the end of a long career as a Chiropractor but found that I was in a situation that accelerated those goals. Upon relocating to South Florida I began teaching Anatomy and Physiology to Allied Health professionals.  After six months I was offered a position with Palm Beach County Schools initially teaching science and then writing the project proposal and budget for a Pre-Medical Science Academy.  This was followed by an invitation to help restructure the curriculum and to act as our schools Choice Program Coordinator.  My public school teaching career culminated with winning the Palm Beach County CTE Teacher of The Year.  During this time I began speaking about the benefits of CTE, STEM and the integration of technology in the classroom.  I then began to teach Anatomy and Physiology at a Technical and Community College in Oklahoma City along with continuing to speak on various subjects.  I am now acting as a consultant and speaker along with practicing Chiropractic once more part-time.  So in the “end” I was able to return to my original profession as well as continue with my teaching, consulting, and speaking.  I consider myself a very luck man and hope for more adventures in the future.

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