Genetics, Albinism and The Punnett Square – A Flipped Lesson

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Threre Is More To Albinism Than Meets The Eye – Read the article connected to this link and record any questions you may have.

Understanding Albinism For Teens – Review the information in this link.

Genetics Videos, Pictures, Games and Puzzles – Students will use this as a starting point for their research along with the links above which will be read prior to the class.  This will be assigned one week before beginning the project and includes videos, games, and a wikipedia article.

The Classroom: Students will research and present (in groups of three) thru a visual medium of their choice the basics genetic concepts such as dominant and recessive genes as well as how albinism is viewed in different cultures. This will be followed with a discussion of genetics, prejudice and their feelings about what they have learned from their research and presentations. There will also be a discussion of the purpose of a Punnett Square and how to use one by completing the squares below.


Roller Coaster Physics Terminology

English: Looping roller coaster "Teststre...

English: Looping roller coaster “Teststrecke”, the first looping roller coaster since several years on Cannstatter Wasen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Storybird is a great website for both students and teachers to create and publish “books” on just about any subject.  It allows students to create projects or teachers to put together instructional tools that are informative and fun.  Click the link below to see a short study guide on basic physics vocabulary.

Roller Coaster Physics Terminology

Engineering Is Just One Part Of A New Academy

A new trend in science is the B. E. A. R. Academy (Biomedical, Engineering, Animation, Robotics) and what better way to understand the Engineering aspect than to build a Bridge. This Bridge building lesson covers the concepts and physics of forces in a way that is both challenging and fun.  Since the students work in groups the project will provide an insight into the give and take dynamics of working in a team.   They will also learn how to research and problem solve as they build a structure that is functional and see exactly how well they have done by weight testing their final product.   The students will follow the link below.
Bridge Building Project
Bridges over frozen waters

Bridges over frozen waters (Photo credit: Allie’s.Dad)

1.6.2011 <truss bridge> 356/365
                                                                      1.6.2011356/365 (Photo credit: Phil Roeder)

Bridges on the Horizon

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Ten Steps To Starting and Maintaining A Successful Academy

Lantana MS Pre-Med Academy

Having learned from opening an Academy  there are certain steps that one should take.  I have listed 10 of those steps below. Please remember that this list is not all-inclusive.

1. Don’t go in blind. Set up an action plan.

2. Make lists so as not to miss the little things. You can’t remember everything.

3. Become part of the local community by joining service groups (Rotary, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, and Education Council).

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from those who have expertise in a certain discipline be it curriculum or fund-raising.

5. Employ the services of the parents and students in order to give them ownership in their education and the academy.

6. Get the school community on board by employing a cross curricular approach.

7. Be creative in marketing your product to local business leaders and professionals.

8. Become involved in the room construction and planning to maximize the efficiency of the space to your particular needs.  This will include placement of whiteboards, demonstration tables, desks and any equipment that may be unmovable once installed.

9. You won’t get anything if you don’t ask.

10. Have fun. Your students can tell if you aren’t.

Vision of a BEAR Academy

Animation workbench

Animation workbench (Photo credit: David_Howell)

Vision of a BEAR Academy

I am excited to be part of the first BEAR Academy in Palm Beach County that will launch in the 2012-2013 school year at Odyssey Middle School.  The video link shows one of the visions of this project.  The Biomedical Engineering, Animation, and Robotics Academy will provide students with opportunities to explore possible career choices and will be project based. I look forward to posting more information on this endeavor.

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