Some Cool Education Chats on Twitter

conversations or live chats on Twitter take place when people post
comments that include keywords with “hashtags” (#). Hashtags mark
the post as belonging to a specific topic or conversation.
 Hashtags also make it easy to see the full conversation on a
particular topic: Just type the keyword into the search box at the
top of your Twitter screen.

#edchat – This is the Grand Daddy of
them all in education.  The place to be if you want to keep up
to date with what is going on globally in the field and to
strengthen your PLN


#engchat – #engchat is a network
of English teachers connecting with one another via Twitter to
share ideas, resources and inspiration.  This conversation
happens every Monday at 7 PM EST.  To join, search for the
hashtag, #engchat in twitter or use a tool such as TweetChat to help
you follow the discussion.  Each week, a guest moderator
shares a new idea, perspective or vision of what it means to be an
English teacher.

LitChat logo

#litchat –
#litchat is a fun, fast, and
friendly way for book lovers to talk about books on Twitter. We
chat on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 4-5 pm (est). Read the
LitChat blog to see what we are chatting about each week.

#musedchat – #MusEdChat is a
weekly chat on Twitter that is centered around discussion of topics
significant to music educators. Participants submit topic ideas,
vote on the topic each week, and then get together one evening each
week to discuss their thoughts on the topic using Twitter.
Afterwards, the chat transcripts are recorded and posted so those
that weren’t there can read what others said, and so those
that were there can catch up on what
they may have not noticed. Chats will occur on Mondays at 8 pm

#mathchat – The idea of #mathchat
is to hold a Twitter discussion similar in style to #edchat, which
takes place on a Tuesday. The aim is to provide a forum for anyone
involved with Mathematics – whether as an educator, a student or an
interested party – to discuss and share ideas about issues
affecting them at this particular time.

#scichat – #scichat is a live
weekly get-together on Twitter where a planet-wide community of
teachers of science share their thoughts and experiences. It is a
place where we can discuss science education in the classroom, and
the state of science education at the school district, state, and
national levels. It is also a place where we can share thoughts on
how we best foster a scientifically literate public enabled to
make informed decisions on science and technology issues that
affect the entire planet, inspire and engage the next generation of
scientists and engineers, and prepare our students for the
high technology job market of the 21st century.  Tuesday
evenings at 8:30-9:30 pm Eastern Time (1:30-2:30 am

#sschat – SSChat is a weekly
discussion for Social Studies teachers. The discussion takes place
on Monday night at 7pm EST. Each week
there is a poll where anyone can vote for the upcoming discussion



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