10 Australian Tweeters To Help Globalize Your PLN

Australian Coat of Arms (adopted 1912)

Australian Coat of Arms (adopted 1912) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following is a list of Australian Educators to make your PLN global.

1. Martin Douglamas – Moodle founder and lead developer, dad, educator, Minecrafter, and internet tech explorer.  These days he is best known as the guy who started Moodle, the open source course management system that is used by thousands of institutions around the world. Most of the information about that is all at Moodle.org and Moodle.com, except for his writings at http://dougiamas.com/ which talk about the early research that led to Moodle being created.

2. Stephen Harris – Stephen is passionate about innovative learning. He is the Founding Director SCIL -Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning.  Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning actively promotes excellence in education by providing new learning opportunities for students and future-focused Professional Development for teachers. Established as the research and innovation unit of Northern Beaches Christian School (Sydney, Australia), SCIL runs a range of programs and research projects that seek to transform educational thinking and practice both at NBCS and in the wider educational community. Stephen blogs at http://imaginelearning.tumblr.com/ask.

3. Steven Schwartz – Former Vice Chancellor (President) of 3 universities in Australia & UK, journalist for Australian Financial Review. Professor Schwartz is a psychologist and a university corporate manager by experience. He has publicly stated that he wishes universities to be more market-oriented, research-focused, accountable, transparent and held to higher standards, in the hope of improving the institutions’ profiles and attracting more students, funding and researchers.His blog can be found at http://stevenschwartz.net.au/.

4. Michael Graffin – Michael is a relief (substitute) Teacher, Photographer,@learnaustalia Representative, & #globalclassroom Project Co-founder.  He is passionately interested in literacy education, with a focus on teaching his students how to communicate, share ideas, and collaborate with authentic global audiences through the use of Web 2.0 technologies (and literacy practices).  Michael is a reflective edublogger; and regularly correspond and collaborate with his global PLN which includes educators, experts, and school leaders around the world.  He blogs at http://mgraffin.edublogs.org/.

5. Cameron Paterson –  Cameron is a learning & teaching leader. Constructively disrupting class. Grades and exams are overemphasised. Confusion and play are how people learn. Less us, more them.  These are his philosophies.  Cameron’s blog can be found at http://learningshore.edublogs.org/.

6. Tomaz Lasic – Father, friend, teacher, PhD candidate, moodler, runner (??), water polo goalie, endless ‘to do’ list, (un)helpfully tall, fascinated by and bad at many things is how Tomaz describes himself.  He is the author of “Human” and say’s he is I eternally interested in “why things happen (in education) the way they do?” I tinker with ICT, particularly with Moodle, Twitter and Web2.0. Tomaz blogs at http://tomazlasic.net/.

7. Sue Waters– Sue passion is helping others with technology and blogs in the classroom. She writes support material for BuddyPress, WordPress Multi-site for Edublogs.org & WPMU DEV.  Her passion is the use of technology to enhance student learning. Her technology use has changed considerably since she was first introduced to it’s potential in 2000; from a LMS (WebCT) to Virtual Classrooms (Elluminate), mobile technologies (spyglasses, PDAs, iPods) and Web 2.0 (blogs, wikis etc). This passion has lead to her transition from aquaculture lecturer, to facilitating professional development workshops on elearning and web 2.0 technologies to her current role working for Edublog as Edublogs Support Manager. Her blog can be found at http://theedublogger.com/.

8. Julian Riddlen – Moodleman (AKA Julian Ridden) has two occupations. Until recently was the IT Knowledge Services Manager for an independent private boys school in Sydney, Australia. He has finally found a way of turning his hobby into a career by joining the Australian Moodle Partner. Julian has more than 12 years experience in education (specifically in online e-learning) with a wide range of both corporate clients and educational institutions as well as experience in project management, systems implementation, networking, support and training. His blog The Moodleman Blog can be found  at http://moodleman.moodle.com.au/.

9.  Judy O’Connell – Judy is an educator, learner, blogger, librarian, technology girl, author and consultant.  Writing, speaking and consulting on school technology and library issues.  As an educator and information professional she is fascinated by emerging technologies, innovation with Web 2.0, and what it all means for schools and school libraries. Her blog can be found at http://heyjude.wordpress.com/.

10. John Larkin – John is into teaching & professional development.  He believes in a commonsense approach to ed-tech.  John Larkin is an educator with an international profile due to his innovative application of 21st century technologies within education both in Australia and overseas. He has a rich experience in the development and application of educational technologies in primary, secondary, tertiary and corporate educational fields. John is presently exploring how cloud computing and the “Internet of Things” can be applied to augment teaching and learning in his own classroom via the use of mobile technologies.  He blog’s at http://www.larkin.net.au/.


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