Two Of Many Sites That Can Help You Raise Funds For Your Classroom

Weather you are a teacher, administrator, business owner, non-profit or idea guy there is always a need to raise funds.  If you are not a professional in this area you can get great information from people in the twittesphere like @ianmadair and his site Chalkboard Fundraising  or use several of the great applications that are now available.  The first rule of fundraising is you are not going to get funding if you don’t ask . So be proactive in your venture.

1.  Pledgie  Pledgie is a platform that will allow you to fundraise for a cause. The amount that can be raised and the causes that can be funded vary from small (such as helping to purchase clothing and food for individuals in need) to larger causes such as (outfitting your classroom with the technology necessary for your students to compete in today’s world).  You are given a page dedicated to your cause where you can discuss the purpose or reason for giving, and share information about who will benefit from any donations. Visitors can see what your financial goals are, how much you have raised, and how close you are to meeting your goal. Your cause can be shared through Facebook and Twitter or you can even embed a link to be followed directly from your website. Pledgie is great for helping out in a variety of causes such as animals, education, health and technology.  You can view existing fundraisers, browse by category, and give or accept donations.

2. AdoptAClassroom  Mission Statement:  “Adopt-A-Classroom increases opportunity for student success by empowering teachers with community partners and funds to purchase resources for the classroom.”

The first step in the process is to register your classroom for free on the site.  One of the greatest aspects of Adopt-A-Classroom is that 100% of any and all donations go directly to the classroom teacher to be used for needed resources by way of online credit.  The way it works is like this:  A donor is able to select the classroom they would like to help either by location, institution or a specific educator.  The donor can also have the site choose a classroom that is in need to receive their donation.  The teacher then uses the funds in the form of online credit to purchase what is needed from a list of vendors that are affiliated with the site.  The donor is then notified in an itemized statement what was purchased with their donation.  The process is personalized so that both donor and teacher can communicate so that those who are giving can see the impact that they have made with their donations. This is a great way to get community donations from those who are hesitant to give cash but would like very much to help.

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