RunPee A Short Review So You Don’t Have To Hold It

It has nothing to do with education but as a movie buff this application was just too good not to review.  Need to pee during the movie but don’t want to miss an anything?  Want to know if you should stay until the credits are over so you don’t miss extra scenes or outtakes? Running late?  No worries, if you have RunnPee on your smartphone your golden.  The RunPee family (no really app founder Dan with his Mother and Sister) go to see wide release movies on opening day and hold it so you don’t have to.  What they do is look for a 3-5 minute stretch of the movie where you won’t come back and be totally lost.  And if you just can’t stand the though of missing anything they give you a synopsis of what went down while you were in the john.  If you have ever had to hold it during a movie there is nothing worse (other than the talker or phone addict) than not being able to enjoy yourself while concentrating on not having an accident.  Well, that does not ever have to happen again and for this I am thankful.  So go to the movies, relax, enjoy the escape, and don’t miss a thing as long as you have RunPee.

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