Blurtt A Review – Don’t Keep It To Yourself Blurtt It Out

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If you are looking for a way to express yourself in photos then Blurtt is your application.  An iPhone app that lets you use your own photos or search for others with their search engines Bing and Flckr., Blurtt is fun to use and a great way to spice up a tweet, text, Facebook post, or blog.  Be as creative, witty or profound as your imagination allows by adding text to compliment your photos. Originally a postcard sharing service the company shifted its focus with the advent of Postgram.  In response to the question Why should anyone download this?  co-founder Jeanette Cajide responds “Blurtt will put therapists out of business. Just think of all the crap you can get off your chest in one minute increments. Happy, sad, frustrated, elated.”  So save a co-pay or two.  As a free photo sharing application Blurtt is one of the best.   Go to to find out more and then the App Store to download.

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