ClassDojo Reviewed – Welcome To My DoJo

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Dojo  ClassDojo is a great management tool that is easy to use, fun to interact with and visually pleasing.  It is a quick and easy way to improve behavior with the added benefit of being able to create both written and visual reports for parents, students, or  your administration.  In the Dojo you can provide instant feedback to students weather they are doing what is expected or what is not.  Unlike a lot of other management tools the ability to provide positive reinforcement in real time is one key to this application.  You can customize your Dojo to meet your specific class needs and run the program on an interactive whiteboard, a computer with projector,  smartphone, tablet or even iPod touch.  All you need is one “computer” and an internet connection.  Students will respond so that they do not bring shame unto your Dojo.  As an added bonus it’s free.

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