Images That Make You Go WOW !

The Oxford Dictionary defines WOW Factor as the quality something has of being very impressive or surprising to people

As we grow older it seems  harder and harder to find things that make us go WOW.  One explanation could be found below as written by Paula Scott.

“Born brilliant, our molecules are encoded with billions of years of original intelligence – the primal power of emotive energy and intuitive wisdom designed to navigate us through these radically changing times. Unfortunately, for the most part, the culture has not recognized or valued children’s vast expressive abilities as the very source of their natural genius. We live in a culture that often thinks of childhood as a time when consciousness is less developed, less evolved than mature, adult awareness. The newborn is perceived as a blank slate onto which grown-ups inscribe social programs that shape a child’s malleable body into static postures, monotone speech habits, and limiting movement patterns in an attempt to inhibit emotional expression. As a result, natural genius is lost by the age of ten.” —WOWZA

Below is a slideshow of photos taken this year  that may make you go WOW.

What makes you go WOW?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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