Interesting Applications and Web Sites in Education – An Ongoing Review

popplet – a direct link to the popplet homepage – popplet is a mindmapping website that is a great way to enhance instruction, blogs, or even create an educational app/site review.

voki – Voki is a free site that allows you to create a talking avatar. Easy to use and navigate, voki will allow you to customize your character as well as it’s features (including face and clothing), the background, and your voki’s voice.  It is a creative way to introduce a lesson, add some flavor to your blog/webpage or tell a story.  Your voice can be added via telephone, text to speech, microphone, or uploaded in a file.  There is a direct link to share your creation with many sites including wordpress, twitter, and facebook to name a few.  There is also a lesson plan database for educators to share how they use voki in the classroom.  You may also start a voki classroom account to manage your students’ work. You are limited to the time that your voki can speak so choose your words carefully.

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One comment on “Interesting Applications and Web Sites in Education – An Ongoing Review

  1. Kalen says:

    Hi Scott – Kalen from ClassDojo here. Thank you so much for the great review – we really appreciate the support! You’ll be glad to hear that our plan is to make sure there is always a completely free, fully-functional version of ClassDojo 🙂

    If anyone who comes across this post has any questions for us or needs help getting set up, please let us know –


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