10 Sites With Videos To Help Enhance or Flip A Lesson

1. TedEd –  This site provides a unique avenue to create lessons with the use of video. The videos are a combined effort of well known educators and the most talented animators. The site allows you to take any educational video not just those produced by TedEd and create a custom lesson.  The finished product can then be published and tracked either privately or publicly.  The site comes complete with a “flip this video” button to add context, questions, quizzes, and suggested follow=up activities.

2. SOPHIA – With over 25,000 videos and a platform centered on social education SOPHIA is a site that promotes both exploratory and cooperative learning. The site is affiliated with Capella University and offers tuition free professional development with a certificate in flipped classroom education.  The professional development and live webinars are given by educators who are already using SOPHIA in a flipped class environment.   The interface is not only great to look at but allows for easy navigation.                

3. ShowMe –  ShowMe is a free site and applications that will connect you to a global learning community.  It allows students to search out videos on just about any subject to supplement learning.  The ShowMe site allows a student to create his/her own video to be used as a way to create a lesson of their own as a class project or study guide.

4. Explain Everything – At $2.99 for the ipad this application is an excellent way to add narration, animation and files from any number of resources to your presentations.  Collaborate ideas, develop ideas, produce interactive presentations, import photos, PDF, PPT, and Keynote from Dropbox, Evernote, Email, and iPad2 camera. Export MP4 movie files, PNG image files, and share your .XPL project files.  These are some of the plethora of options given to you with Explain Everything. You can even use Explain Everything as an interactive whiteboard via your  iPad2 video display. A lot to do for a little investment.

5. YouTube Education – – YouTube was founded in February of 2005 and is a goto source for content of just about any kind.  If you are looking for it and can’t find it on YouTube it may just not be out there.  The Education site has subjects from Business to Science and spans educational levels from Elementary to Post Graduate.  If you are looking to supplement a flipped lesson this is a good place to go.   The service is free to use and has tutorials for creating your own content.

6.  BrainPOP – Founded in 1999 BrainPOP comes in all flavors and sizes from  BrainPOP Jr.(K-3), BrainPOPBrainPOP Español, and, for English language learners, BrainPOP ESL  BrainPOP has also launched a new product GameUp which has educational games for the classroom.  BrainPOP Educators is a free community support system for all things BrainPOP.  The content you will find is associated with the Common Core Standards used at most institutions.  While BrainPOP fits perfectly into a BYOD or mobile learning classroom it can be useful in any environment.  Check it out if you flip or not.

7. Brightstorm – A great flip assignment can be found at brightstorm.  The site now has over 3,000 videos to help students learn core concepts and to help them with homework. The company has just come out with a mobile application with SAT, ACT, and AP test prep materials.  A unique feature of this site is that it can locate videos linked with your schools textbook.  While not comprehensive they are adding new books all the time.

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8. Discovery Education – This is just about the closest to an all in one stop for resources you can use in a flipped lesson.  Here in a pleasant and easy to navigate interface you can find k-12 teacher resources, a puzzlemaker, lesson plans, ClipArt, brain boosters, and worksheets just to name a few.  The site can provide you with professional development and digital content to turn what may be a dull lesson into an interactive learning experience. If for some reason you have not surfed the site try it out as it might be the Waikiki of classroom material web surfing opportunities. 

9. CosmoLearning – CosmoLearning is a free educational website for students and teachers whose goal was to create a free online school.  At CosmoLearning you are provided with books, lecture notes, video lectures, documentaries, quizzes, and entire courses to  name a few.  All of these tools can be used to help you flip a lesson. While surfing the web for educational materials to increase their knowledge of the sciences CosmoLearning was launched in 2007, the result of work by siblings Gab and Rafa ages 15 and 12 which had begun just one year prior. Their Mission Statement “To centralize educational and cultural resources in a variety of formats, allowing anyone in the world to educate themselves and succeed in their lives.”

10.  WatchKnowLearn.org – This site offers free educational videos for teachers and students’.  The site works by organizing available internet video content into a master list after which they are reviewed, approved, and then assigned to a category in a wiki like format.  The process assures that the videos are of the highest quality and span a wide variety of content areas and grade levels. WatchKnowLearn is also starting a program whereby  both private and public schools capture their classrooms on video which will  then be hosted on the site free of charge.

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