What Makes Laughter Good Medicine?

Laughter triggers physical changes in the body that can lead to better health. Some of the positive effects of humor and laughter are the strengthening of your immune system, boosting of your energy, diminishing your pain, and protecting you from the damaging consequences of stress.  To top it off this is natures fun, free, and easy to use prescription that is available to anyone. Below are several ways that laughter can positively affect your health:

  • Triggering the release of endorphins which are the body’s natural chemicals and are also released during exercise  producing the so-called runners high. Endorphins promote a sense of well-being and have been proven to temporarily relieve pain.
  • Boosting your immune system without the aftertaste of a good wheat grass. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells along with the bodies infection-fighting antibodies.  The end result  is an improvement in your resistance to disease.
  • Laughter protects your heart by improving blood vessel function and increasing blood flow to the heart itself.  Increasing blood blow brings larger amounts of oxygen to the heart muscle helping to protect you against cardiovascular problems such as a heart attack.
  • Relaxing  your whole body maybe better than that jacuzzi. A good laugh has been shown to leave your muscles relaxed for as much as 45 minutes and can relieve physical tension and stress. If you have every had that uncontrollable belly laugh you may have noticed that you take a big relaxing breath afterwards and feel just that much calmer.

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