Cancer and Cellular Mutations

The cells of the body are workshops, a thousand times smaller than the cells of a honeycomb, yet furnished with every modern convenience. Besides, the inhabitants do not mind being shut up in their restricted quarters — everything has been provided to ensure their well-being. And the same laws apply to them all.

Naturally, here as in any community, there are certain individuals who prefer to live in the fringe of society. They are evil doers and they hide, the better to be able to carry out their illegal trade. Their hiding-places are most often cells at the bottom of blind alleys where their sort form unhealthy growths which quickly develop, branch out, and bring trouble to the peaceful city, and often death. These clusters of cells have a frightening Latin name which means crab: Cancer.

After studying the aspects of cancer found in the link below they can develop their own drawing with explanation that shows an interpretation of cancer and how it invades the body.  The link below allows student to explore all aspects of cancer from cause and prevention to diagnosis and treatment as well as  hallmarks and pathways.

Inside Cancer


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