A Costa Rican Adventure

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      I began to travel internationally after moving to Florida 8 years ago spending 2 summers in Europe and visiting over 20 countries.  While my adventures were extensive some of my most memorable were seeing the Eagles in Dublin, running with the bulls in Pamplona (scary), attending the World Cup in Germany and visiting Auschwitz in Poland. Having been bitten by the travel bug I wanted my students to experience other cultures and grow as individuals while having a great time in the process.  I contacted EF Tours after hearing about them from a colleague and traveled to Paris for a weekend seminar to learn about the program and the company.  Being completely impressed I decided to plan a trip to Costa Rica where the students could participate in such activities as zip lining, hiking and riding horseback in the rain forest, see amazing wildlife, stare into the face of an active Volcano and bathe in the Hot Springs.
      The greatest experience though was our visit to a one room school in Monteverdi.  After several hours on the bus riding up the mountain on dirt roads and along cliff edges we arrived at the school.  We were greeted by the local children who were dressed in their traditional clothing.  One by one as the students left the bus they were escorted to the school by the kids.  Once inside we were served freshly squeezed fruit juice and a local pastry that the students had prepared.  This was followed by a performance of traditional song and dance.  We then went to visit their school house where our students got to see what little their counterparts had to work with.  To say that this was eye opening is an understatement.  The school had one old computer and barely enough supplies to go around yet the children could not have been happier.  The smiles on their faces as we gave them our contact information to stay in touch was priceless.  As we were driving away our kids decided to collect supplies and send them to their new friends.  I was perhaps as proud and touched by their gesture as I have been at any time during my short teaching career.
To pay for your trip:
  • On Campus Fundraiser (Ice Pops, Popcorn)
  • Letter to Family and Friends
  • Ad in Church Newsletter
  • Outside Fundraiser (5 Guys, Rita’s, Car Wash…)
Investigate Several Companies:

In order for the trip to go as smooth as possible you need to plan, plan, and plan again.   Don’t underestimate your students and the power of travel it will be as eyeopening for you as it will be for them.


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