Engineering Is Just One Part Of A New Academy

A new trend in science is the B. E. A. R. Academy (Biomedical, Engineering, Animation, Robotics) and what better way to understand the Engineering aspect than to build a Bridge. This Bridge building lesson covers the concepts and physics of forces in a way that is both challenging and fun.  Since the students work in groups the project will provide an insight into the give and take dynamics of working in a team.   They will also learn how to research and problem solve as they build a structure that is functional and see exactly how well they have done by weight testing their final product.   The students will follow the link below.
Bridge Building Project
Bridges over frozen waters

Bridges over frozen waters (Photo credit: Allie’s.Dad)

1.6.2011 <truss bridge> 356/365
                                                                      1.6.2011356/365 (Photo credit: Phil Roeder)

Bridges on the Horizon

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