Elementary School Pre-Medical Ideas and Resources

Human Anatomy Study Room

Human Anatomy Study Room (Photo credit: Wolfram Burner)

It’s never too early to start to learn about health, health careers and the human body.  The following subjects are grade and age appropriate:

Grade 1 – Your Basic Needs

Grade 2/3 – The Importance of Air and Water

Grade 4/5 – Food and  Fitness, Careers in Health Care, The Human Body

There are also some great school wide programs to peak interest and community involvement:

  • Health Science Grade Level Speakers
  • Health Science Mentors
  • Health Science Community Fair
A few of the many book are:
  • George’s Marvelous Medicine
  • The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body
  • Medicine Careers for Kids Cards
  • The First Woman Doctor
These PowerPoints are good for visual learners :
PowerPoints developed by Melissa Lape, Paulette Carlson and Nicole Sawyer.

I really hope that these resources are useful to Elementary Educators who want to discuss Health and Medicine !

Human Bodies Zaragoza

Human Bodies Zaragoza (Photo credit: gaudiramone)

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